Water Habitat Retreat Private Limited (WHRPL)
The organization focuses on creating innovative solutions to address local issues and makes plans for their effective implementation.

Water Habitat Retreat Private Limited (WHRPL) was established in 2011, at Jodhpur’s historic Bijolai Palace, nestled in the Aravalli Hills, and built by Maharaja Takhat Singh (1843 - 1873).Standing on a peaceful hillock, WHRPLis located 11kms from the city centre of Jodhpur. Adjacent to the palace is the sprawling Bijolai Lake, a traditional rainwater-harvesting structure.

WHRPL was set up as a social enterprise mandated to work in rural areas to improve access to clean drinking water by creating entrepreneurship models, education and introduction of appropriate technology, in the fields of water and sanitation

The organization focuses on creating innovative solutions to address local issues and makes plans for their effective implementation. WHRPL has been using both point of use water treatment devices and community based small water enterprises to address clean drinking water among desert communities in Western India.

Communities have been trained and educated to construct bio-sand filters which have been found to be very effective in addressing drinking water at the household level. Small water enterprises using reverse osmosis technology have been set up among rural communities, the size of the plant varying based on the size of the habitation.A world-class facility for conferences, trainings, & workshops, WHRPL facilitates dialogue on water-related issues and policies, based on knowledge generated from field experiences and action-oriented studies in partnership with think tanks and other knowledge centres. Thus, it contributes to innovation in natural resource development and social engineering.

In addition, it attracts highly qualified professionals who work with desert communities. Along withwater-testing lab, accommodation and library, WHRPL is a favorable location for researchers and students studying issues related to water management and rural development, including community-based development, social capital, civil society, water resource management, adaptation to climate change, rainwater harvesting, and water quality.

Given its direct access to the rather isolated desert communities of Marwar, and its vast experience of working with them to address water crises, WHRPL possesses unmatched potential for undertaking collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects. More importantly, WHRPL promotes the emergence of an active and enlightened rural community by training and capacitating rural volunteer groups through accomplished social workers to mobilize communities in water resource management.

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