Water Habitat Retreat Private Limited (WHRPL)
The organization focuses on creating innovative solutions to address local issues and makes plans for their effective implementation.

Water Habitat Retreat Private Limited (WHRPL) was established in 2011, at Jodhpur’s historic Bijolai Palace, nestled in the Aravalli Hills, and built by Maharaja Takhat Singh (1843 - 1873).Standing on a peaceful hillock, WHRPLis located 11kms from the city centre of Jodhpur. Adjacent to the palace is the sprawling Bijolai Lake, a traditional rainwater-harvesting structure.

WHRPL was set up as a social enterprise mandated to work in rural areas to improve access to clean drinking water by creating entrepreneurship models, education and introduction of appropriate technology, in the fields of water and sanitation

Our Projects
A world-class facility for Conferences, Trainings, & Workshops
Community Training
Water costs nothing for those with everything, and everything for those with nothing.The key to solve this problem lies in efficient management of natural resources especially water. The poor pay huge sums for small amounts of water.To procure water, they walk distances and compete with other equally desperate people for the precious resource.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Kanupriya Harish as the Program Head, and Mr Eric de Cacqueray as Program Advisor, WHRPL focuses on providing water security to villages in and around the Thar Desert, also known as The Great Indian Desert. Access to safe and reliable water contributes to poverty alleviation in many ways— through the provision of sanitation services, water supply, affordable food, and enhanced resilience of poor communities to disease, climate shocks, and environmental degradation.
“A world-class facility for conferences, trainings, & workshops, WHRPL facilitates dialogue on water-related issues and policies, based on knowledge generated from field experiences and action-oriented studies in partnership with think tanks and other knowledge centres.”
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